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Piglets / Baycox® 5% in Piglets

Baycox® 5% Oral Suspension in Piglets

Baycox® 5% (toltrazuril) oral suspension is the first ready-to-use product specifically formulated to control Eimeria problems in swine, including Isospora suis in piglets.

In recent years, numerous reports from diverse locations around the world, have addressed neonatal swine diarrhoea connected with Isospora suis infection in piglets.

Coccidiosis infection in piglets impairs the absorption and digestive function of the intestine, resulting in diarrhoea that can range from white to yellow in colour and pasty to watery in consistency. Poor weight gain and low growth rates are consequences of the disease.

For these reasons, coccidiosis is considered a classic erosive disease that has a high negative impact on the factors of production for swine and hence, the business results of the producers.

Baycox® 5% (toltrazuril) kills all intracellular developmental stages of the parasite without impairing the piglet’s ability to acquire lifelong immunity against coccidia, thus promoting resistance to reinfection.

The use of Baycox® in efficacy studies and in practice on millions of animals has been found to yield excellent results.

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